Five Ear Piercing Trends for 2020

Piercings have long been a way for owners to show off their personal and unique style. 2020 sees ear piercing jewellery trends take this uniqueness to new levels, as imperfect becomes the new perfect. Here are five big ear piercing jewellery trends for 2020.

1. Mismatched and Asymmetric

It was always common for some piercings, such as nose, to be asymmetrical, but ear piercings have traditionally been matching — what you have on one ear you have on the other. But in 2020, matching is way out and unbalanced ear piercings are way in. And it's not just an unbalancing act between the two ears that are in style. Two mismatched ear piercings in the same ear are a big trend for 2020 as well.

2. Get Bitten

An insect or snake bite is not usually thought of as a fashion statement that we want to show off, but in the case of "snake bite earrings", it is. Snake bite ear piercing jewellery consists of two close together piercings mid way up the ear, to give that "bitten" effect. If the two studs are mismatched then all the better for this trend. 

3. Look to the Stars

Constellation piercings have been a trend for a few years now and that looks set to continue for 2020 as interest in astrology and the stars only grows more popular. Ear piercing jewellery supplies have noted that clients and consumers particularly love consolation ear jewellery that shows off their own zodiac constellation in some way. Clusters of stars are a big 2020 trend for a glossy, sparkly ear.

4. Bold And Beautiful

Minimalism looks set to be on the way out when it comes to ear jewellery trends, with many clients opting for a luxe look when it comes to adorning their ears. This means oversized jewels and large gemstones in bright colours, encased in large gold settings. Birth stone jewels, which come in all colours of the rainbow, are very popular in 2020. 

5. Clustered Up

One-off and singular piercings are out and clusters are in. Ear piercing jewellery clusters can be curated to make individual shapes and patterns so that no two are entirely identical. The reasoning is simple — more piercings mean more to play with — and more ways to show off the client's personality. 

Ear piercing jewellery has changed and come a long way over the past few years. Traditional is out and unique clusters and placements are in. These are the hot trends for 2020 and look set to continue into the new year as well.