Why A Custom Wedding Ring Is An Obvious Choice For Any Engaged Couple

A wedding is supposed to be one of the most significant and happiest moments of your life, and many people spend months organising them to be just perfect. Considering all that time spent planning them, it is shocking just how many people get the same, mass-produced wedding rings that have been around for decades. Considering that everything else is custom made for your wedding day to suit your desires, it seems obvious that your wedding rings should be custom as well. Read More 

Five Ear Piercing Trends for 2020

Piercings have long been a way for owners to show off their personal and unique style. 2020 sees ear piercing jewellery trends take this uniqueness to new levels, as imperfect becomes the new perfect. Here are five big ear piercing jewellery trends for 2020. 1. Mismatched and Asymmetric It was always common for some piercings, such as nose, to be asymmetrical, but ear piercings have traditionally been matching — what you have on one ear you have on the other. Read More